In my quest for formative assessment tools that allow for more student involvement, I came across Insert Learning (  As I am about to embark on a unit that focuses on reading informational texts in preparation for a persuasive research paper and extension project, I thought the timing was perfect to implement this tool in class.  Basically, Insert Learning allows a teacher to take any webpage and add sticky notes, discussion questions, quiz questions, and highlights. Additional resources can be added to help supplement comprehension or differentiate, such as videos or links to other websites.  For those who are a bit more technologically inclined, a list of 60+ tools to embed (Flipgrid, Quizizz, memes, and Quizlet, for example) is available on the website, some with tutorials and most with explanations of how the tools benefit students.

All data and responses are sent to the teacher’s Insert Learning dashboard.  I linked my Google Classroom with Insert Learning so that each of my hours had a class code they used to sign up and my students’ responses would be sorted by class hour.

To use, teachers install the Insert Learning Chrome add-on and then click on the icon when they find a suitable website they want to use with students.  Another option is to search the resource page for keywords, which produces a list of authentic sources, such as NPR, Readworks, NewsELA, and other news sources.  Additionally, many published lessons made by other users are available to use or just peruse. My next post will discuss the process of setting up an account, creating a lesson, rolling it out to students, as well as how it correlates with ISTE Standards and some suggestions for improvement.